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Cast Iron Pump.


A fantastic old full size cast iron pump. will stand proud in any garden as a feature or part of a water feature.


Overall Hight  54"



£145.00      ( For collection or delivery

                      please enquire )



Ref. 488-4618   SOLD





 Step Ladders.



A good pair of ash and elm step ladders in very good condition. Great display item.


Dimensions (open).  Ht. to top step 41" x 14" w.  


£115.00      ( For collection or delivery

                      please enquire )


Ref. 484-4479  SOLD




 Seed Display Stand.





A fantastic 1930's retailers seed packet display stand for " Carters Tested Seeds ". In good original condition with some light rusting which has been brushed down and treated.

Items of this type in this good a condition are extremely rare. 


Dimensions.  34"w x 42"ht.


£175.00      ( For collection or delivery please enquire )


Ref. 449-3455       SOLD.






 Patio Trolley Table.


What a fantastic idea for a patio table or plant stand!

This wonderful old industrial tote trolley has been cleaned and treated for out door use and can be moved around the garden with ease.


Dimensions.  46" x 22 1/2" x 10".


£135.00      ( For collection or delivery please enquire )


Ref. 432-2945







A magnificent late 19th. century wheelwright

made cartwheel. Will make a fantastic garden feature.


Dimensions.  39"dia.


£95.00      ( For collection or delivery

                   please enquire. )


Ref. 4489-4647  SOLD




 Milk Churn.





A lovely genuine old steel milk churn with the dairy name around the centre band :

" J.H.Brazier ".

Will make an interesting garden feature

or planter.


Dimensions.  13" dia. x 27" ht.



 ( For collection or delivery. Please enquire )


Ref. 250-7665      SOLD.