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Galvanised Wash Tub.


These lovely old galvanised wash tubs make fantastic planters or herb gardens.


 Dimensions. 24" x 18" x 10 1/2".


£38.00      ( For collection or delivery

                    please enquire) 


Ref. 473-4154





 Large Galvanised Wash Tub.



This galvanised wash tub  is a very large example and would be ideal for a water feature or herb garden.


Dimensions.   31" x 24" x 15".


£58.00      ( For collection or delivery

                    please  enquire. )


Ref. 489-4636



 Heavy Duty Galvanised Wash Tub.



A good heavy duty galvanised wash tub.

Circa 1950.


Dimensions.  22" x 17" x 11".


£45.00      ( For collection or delivery

                   Please enquire )


Ref. 489-4630   SOLD



 Corrugated Galvanised Tank.



This lovely corrugated tank will make a fantastic patio planter.


Dimensions.  18" Dia. x 9" Ht.


£49.00      ( For collection or delivery

                    Please enquire. )


Ref. 483-4464






Galvanised Tank


Magnificent heavy duty riveted Galvanised Tank.  Ideal planter or water feature.


Dimensions:  29" x 23"  x 24" 



£175.00   SOLD - Another in stock!


(For collection or delivery - please enquire)


Ref. 483-4463



 Galvanised Trough.




A lovely small galvanised trough. Ideal patio planter.


Dimensions  36" x 7 1/2" x 4".


£39.00      ( For collection or delivery

                    please enquire )


Ref. 483-4460




 Galvanised Hanging Trough.




An unusual heavy duty hanging trough perfect for hanging over a fence etc.


Dimensions.  24" x 11" x 7".


£58.00      ( For collection or delivery

                   please enquire. )


Ref. 489-4652 




 Cast Iron Trough.



A fantastic cast iron trough will make a wonderful patio planter.


Dimensions.  36" x 10" x 6 1/2".


£89.00      ( For collection or delivery

                    please enquire. )


Ref. 488-4617



 Coopered Tub.



A wonderful old coopered tub ideal as a planter for indoors or outside.


Dimensions.  16 1/2" Dia. x tub ht.10".


£45.00      ( For collection or delivery

                    please enquire. )


Ref. 490-4662  SOLD


French Coopered Grape Barrel.





A magnificent late 19th. century French coopered grape barrel. Would be a fantastic feature indoors or outside.


Dimensions: 17" x 14" x 24"Ht.



£115.00      ( For collection or delivery

                      please enquire. )


Ref. 488-4616  SOLD